Eden-On-Rentals was formed in 2004 by the two working partners, both of whom have worked, initially as senior managers

         of large industrial companies, and subsequently in property, for several years in Johannesburg.



         The partners and their families moved to the relative peace and tranquility of Sedgefield in 2003 and 2004 respectively, and

         joined up to offer a dedicated rental and management service to owners and tenants for the immediate area.



         We pride ourselves in offering a professional service to both owner and tenant, and have developed a comprehensive

         support system of reliable property specialists for periodic requirements in matters of legal, architectural, municipal,

         computing, electrical, plumbing, general "handyman", gardening and cleaning services.



         Relationships with local Estate Agencies, who deal mainly in property sales, are cordial  and co-operative, and the business

         benefits from referrals from these companies.










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